Highlights of the Month (December 2023)

Highlights of the Month (December 2023)

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20231222 Christmas Service

“Christmas is a time to love…” The beautiful lyrics are from students and teachers singing a hymn together in the Christmas Service. Taking this opportunity, we emphasize the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ as well as how we can spread love in our life.

2023122021 Sports Days

Our Sports Days have been held successfully thanks to various parties including our PE Panel, athletes, parents, the staff of the sports ground together with all the teaching and non-teaching staff. Talking about the highlights of the Sports Days, they must be the events competed by students, parents and teachers! The events have been completed amidst a chorus of applause, showing unity among different parties! Our closing ceremony ends with a prize presentation celebrating the efforts of athletes and a speech about sportsmanship by Mr Szeto Shui-ki, Charles, a former member of the Hong Kong Swimming Team.

20231219 Morning Assembly: Sharing by Students

Not only do teachers share in morning assemblies, but students are also given chances. Students talented in STEM and sports are here to share how they can excel in their strengths through passion and perseverance. We hope these students can become inspirations for others and learn from each other.

20231215 Talk on Parenting for Senior-form Parents

Our school and parents work closely together in students’ growth. This talk delivers some important parenting messages. Besides, there is a sharing session between the school and parents. Our Vice Principals Mrs Wong, Mr Tsang and Mrs Kwok, together with our Careers Committee Mistress Ms Fan are here to communicate with the parents, listening to their concerns and answering their queries.

20231212 Principal Fellowship

Our Principal Cheung and principals from other schools gather at STMC in this Fellowship, where they can share their beliefs and practices in education, as well as the Christian values, which enrich students and teachers.

20231215 Workshop on Financial Management for F2 Students

While financial management may seem to be a topic only for adults, students should learn this concept as early as possible. Therefore, we are delighted to have invited Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board to hold a workshop in which F2 students can gain a better understanding of such knowledge through interactive games.

20231209 P6 Guidance Day

Our P6 Guidance Day serves as a platform for primary school students and their parents to understand our school better, in terms of our beliefs and values, learning & teaching and student development, etc. It’s also an event to make us--students, teachers, parents, janitors and all the staff “stick together”, building up our unity in serving our school and community.

20231206 F1 Reading Aloud Competition

The Reading Aloud Competition is STMC’s tradition for F1 students. Through this competition, not only can F1 students learn to present confidently in public, but they are exposed to Chinese Literature works, provoking their interest in Chinese Language and Chinese Culture.

20231206 F1-2 Class Teacher Lesson: Mood Management

For students’ mental health and personal development, F1 and F2 students can gain a better understanding of emotion management in this workshop held by Breakthrough in the Class Teacher Lessons.

20231205 Let’s Celebrate Christmas

To commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, we all celebrate Christmas joyfully. With the beautiful Christmas tree decorated by Principal Cheung and students, our schoolmates are reminded the importance of this festival and the significant meaning behind.

20231204 F.3 Subject Selection Talk

In this talk, our vice Principal Mrs Wong informs F3 students of the availability of elective subject combinations and the system of subject selection for senior-form studies. Taking this opportunity, Mrs Wong also encourages the students to explore and develop their strengths and interests, getting equipped for the future.

20231202 SingTao Inter-School Debating Competition

With a team of enthusiastic students, our school has joined SingTao Inter-School Debating Competition. We hope our students’ English proficiency and thinking skills can be nurtured through debating contests, which aligns with SingTao Debating Competition’s goal—"Language and critical thinking in action”.

20231201 Round Estate Run

After some years of suspension due to the pandemic, Round Estate Run has finally resumed. As it is a traditional event to celebrate the school’s anniversary and train students’ perseverance and physical health, all the schoolmates are encouraged to join the event. Student and teacher participants all share the joy of finishing the event with sweet and juicy pears, symbolizing the “sweet rewards” after hard work.

20231201 40th Anniversary Service

Happy birthday to STMC. Here comes the 40th Anniversary since its establishment! In the Anniversary, we express our earnest gratitude to God for all His blessings throughout all the years. Meanwhile, we pray for the school’s future and students’ personal development. To show our appreciation to God’s grace, our Gratia (meaning Grace in Latin) Gallery has been set up to display the history of STMC with representative school events. The Opening Ceremony of this gallery kicks off with the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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